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Sustainability powered by data

October 02, 2020

Making a difference to the communities around us is an important part of life at Auto Trader. So much so, we introduced a new company value to further demonstrate our commitment – community minded.

A dedicated team of colleagues from across the business are committed to driving our Make a Difference strategy, which aims to maximise the support and impact we provide to the communities in which we operate. Initiatives include: volunteering, sponsorship, give as you earn scheme and community project funding in conjunction with Forever Manchester and the London Community Foundation. We’re proud to say that sustainability forms a part of our Make a Difference strategy and it’s all down to one of our colleagues...

I’m passionate about sustainability and inspired by data. Auto Trader is the UK’s largest digital automotive marketplace, so I have the opportunity to analyse behavioural data in my role as Digital Analyst.

We receive 55 million cross platform visits every month which generates a lot of meaningful data! We use this data to model, apply statistics or run machine learning models to help us with lots of different things like understanding the change in vehicle fuel type searches. We use numerous tools to help us analyse this data, but I currently prefer R, in case you were wondering.

I'm sure most of you have heard the record breaking numbers of electric vehicle (EV) sales, according to The Guardian, they've increased 11% in the UK compared to last year.

That trend is expected to continue with worldwide EV sales at a record breaking 1.1 million in 2017 and The Guardian forecasting sales to increase to 11 million by 2025, surging to 30 million in 2030 as they become cheaper to make compared to internal combustion engine cars.

We can already see that consumer behaviour and interest is changing around fuel type – you can read more in our Market Report. Our data shows that consumer interest is increasing – electric car searches went up 84% in 2017 and the trend continues.

This is why we decided to launch our new electric and hybrid car hub in June. The hub gives consumers the opportunity to discover more about electric and hybrid cars with information on charging, range and batteries. They can also search for new or used EV once they have completed their research. Why not take a look here.

Internally, we’ve joined up with the amazing people running our Make a Difference Guild. I started a sustainability working group last autumn with some great colleagues, and within two months we were asked to join the Guild. We’ve already started making changes such as replacing single use items in our canteen with reusable ones. We’ve also asked colleagues to bring reusable coffee cups to the office and given the amount of coffee lovers at Auto Trader, we are sure this will have a big impact!

I’m proud to say that we’re coming to the end of our first, official sustainability week. We’ve held a number of activities across the course of the week all designed to help our colleagues make better choices. From a screening of Leonardo DiCaprio’s ‘Before the flood’ to a sustainability roadshow and swap shop, there’s been something for everyone. I look forward to hearing any small or big #makeadifference success stories.