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Our unique and inclusive culture is defined by our people. Take a look at their experiences to understand how they've helped shape the way we work and interact with each other.

The Making of...

October 03, 2020

The Making of...

This year would have been Auto Trader's fifth year taking part in the Manchester Pride parade and each year, the theme of Manchester Pride plays an inspiring role at AutoTrader. We enjoy seeing everybody's creative juices start flowing in so many great ways; important conversations start happening from within our LGBT+ Network and our colleagues, from our interpretation of the theme, our values, our communities right down to the finer aesthetic details like the outfits.

This year, Manchester Pride came up with the theme 'March for peace' and we knew this spoke to so many of us on a personal level. 2020 is highlighting just how important collaboration really is and continues to teach us every day that there is still so much more to be done to remove stigma and discrimination in its many forms. It felt authentic to work alongside our friends within our LGBT+, BAME, Women's and Neurodiversity & Disability Networks to explore what marching for peace meant to us all.

Even though the Pride Parade was cancelled we felt that it was important to still march the route in recognition of what Pride stands for within the LGBT+ community. We had to do this in socially distant safe way, so we decided to film a small number of members of the networks walking the Manchester Pride Route.

Covid meant there would be no stickers, music or cheering for our march so we decided our soundtrack would be our voices, in the form of a poem written by ourselves.

The question was how to get the content we needed for the poem without losing the authentic voice we wanted. We decided to have a video call with the networks involved and ask them 3 questions hoping that this would bring about a wider discussion and could get some great authentic content for the poem.

The questions we asked were

  • Describe what 'Peace' means to you.
  • What makes Pride relevant today?
  • If you have been to Manchester / AT Pride, Describe your favourite memory of Pride in 3 words. If you haven't been to Pride: Which 3 things are you most proud of about yourself.

What came out of this meeting was surprising and amazing to us both. The themes and words and experiences of all our Networks were the same. We wanted the same things, to be recognised who we are and to feel safe in our environments and our own selves. The thread of the same expressions we all used was deafening. We decided to put all the responses into a word cloud in order to structure the poem.

We met together and decided that we wanted the Poem to be more in a Spoken Word format and the pace should reflect the Pride March.

  • Slow
  • Fast
  • Full of celebration
  • Reflection
  • And most importantly a coming together

After writing this poem we can definitely add to our favourite pride moment.

An overwhelming Love.