Naomi Hahn - Audience and Brand Director, Operational Leadership Team

Audience and Brand Director, Operational Leadership Team

Quick Facts

Time with Auto Trader

Over 7 years

Little did you know

She was on The Apprentice

Meet Naomi Hahn

What’s your Auto Trader journey been like?

It’s been amazing. I joined in Dec 2007 in the display ad team, I was brought on board to build a sales team as previously we had worked with a third party. It was hard work and actually quite difficult to build a team of digital professionals but we did good, – and we grew our revenue very healthily in 3 years. During that time I took on more responsibility within the team, developing a regional proposition which meant I was able to become more involved with our core customers, car retailers (or dealers). In 2011 I went off and had my first child (Charlotte!), as I came back into the business we were merging our magazine and digital roles so I took on a Head of Strategy and product role to ensure we continued to drive our digital offerings. I did that for a couple of years, before going off to have my little boy, Oliver. Coming back, I remained responsible for product & strategy, but also took on AdOperations (which I love!) and Client Services – I’ve tended to pick up areas that perhaps needed some help with process, strategy or technology. I became Head of Brand Marketing in March 2015 and most recently I’ve been promoted onto the leadership team which I’m thrilled about.

So you really have done it all. So you’ve had quite a journey.

Yes, I’ve done a lot of growing up in this business, both professionally and personally – and I still have a long way to go! AutoTrader has been the constant in my life as I’ve married, moved house and had children and my colleagues have gone through it with me – never missing the opportunity to throw a party (two baby showers and a hen do later!) AutoTrader is a big part of may life and my children know mummy works on the Internet selling cars! It’s important to me that I can be all of who I am at work, a mum and a business woman

Do you have to be a petrolhead to enjoy Auto Trader?

Not at all. I was attracted to the business by the person who interviewed me – he was incredibly inspirational and continues to be a real mentor to me. The challenge AutoTrader was offering me was too good to miss. I was never that interested in cars, but I’m big into digital and big into business; two things I think AutoTrader does incredibly well. 

What’s the best thing about working here?

I’ve been fortunate that new opportunities have arisen over my 7+ years here, I’m always challenged and I’m always learning. I’ve always been able to find a way to improve and progress. If people have the capability, talent and determination, this is a place where you can really succeed. We’re also surrounded by genuinely nice people. AT people are compassionate, and even in the heat of the moment, we get where each other are coming from. It’s a special place made up of lots of different people with one common goal and I’m really proud to work here.

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