The tribal structure

The tribal structure. Our roadmap to awesomeness

Our roadmap to awesomeness


Within our various tribes, there are several squads. The levels, skill sets and personal superpowers of the squad members are purposely mixed to get the best out of the group.


Our people are absolutely brilliant at what they do. We have artisans, who can contribute their specialist knowledge to the group.

People leads

Where technical expertise meets leadership, we have people leads. Each squad will have someone who can help create direction for the group, calling on the contributions of the artisans and squad support.

Squad support

Each squad is supported by a product lead, a design lead and a delivery lead. All these are needed to make our projects truly awesome. We have experts in all of these functions and they are included in each squad to ensure that our thinking turns into action.

Multi disciplines and varied experience

One of the greatest strengths of the tribe structure is that it gives us the capacity to mix people at all levels with all kinds of different skill sets. Our squads pull together engineers, developers, testers, UX, product and infrastructure so that our solutions are well rounded. We also include people with a range of experience from apprentices and graduates through to senior and principals, so that we are nimble, our thinking stays fresh, and we continue to learn from one another.

Chapters and guilds

Of course we appreciate that people with the same skill set will benefit from learning from one another. For example, java devs want to talk shop with other java devs. So we have chapters and guilds that bring together individuals with the same role, whatever tribe or squad they are in. It’s a way for people to share best practice and gain support in their own area of expertise, so that they can bring that knowledge back to their squad.

Developing within this structure

This isn’t a traditional way of working. People who are used to company structures where you climb from one rung of the ladder to the next rung up may find our way of developing a little confusing! But what we are trying to create is a non-linear way to progress, which allows for people to learn from other disciplines, and to become better at what they do. Here, you can grow as a technical expert, a manager, or stay in between as a mentor. Most importantly, our freer, flatter structure allows you to focus on broadening and moving around, rather than relentlessly chasing the next level in a hierarchy.

Your path

As an individual, we expect you’ll develop mostly by loving what you do hands on, working on stretch objectives that nudge you out of your comfort zone, and taking on secondments that teach you new tricks. You’ll also grow through the relationships you form and the feedback you receive. And a small percentage of your growth will come from classroom training. We think hands on, project-based learning sinks in the best!

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