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Our unique and inclusive culture is defined by our people. Take a look at their experiences to understand how they've helped shape the way we work and interact with each other.

What is Connected Working?

December 01, 2022

Our beautiful office space was created with collaboration in mind. And our commitment to flexible working means that, even if you’re not there in person, you can still pitch in and make a contribution that counts.

To help our colleagues based in Manchester or Southampton get the best out of the working week, we’ve split it into fixed and flexible days. Everybody has two fixed office days with their team every week, so you will know that the rest of your team will be in on those days.

There is an expectation that everyone is, on average, in more than out; therefore, on top of your two fixed days, we should see you in the office on other flexible days. You can choose these flexible days in the office depending on your work, home and team commitments.

Typically, roles based in London involve visiting external partners and customers. Due to this, we have just one fixed day per week. On top of this fixed day, we ask London colleagues to use additional flexible days to ensure they are in more than they’re out; however, these days could include working from Manchester or visiting customers and partners.

Find out what connected working means to our colleagues.