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Our unique and inclusive culture is defined by our people. Take a look at their experiences to understand how they've helped shape the way we work and interact with each other.

Have more good days AT work

November 16, 2021

Have more good days AT work

Todd Bailey shares an overview of our wellbeing guild and why their work is more important than ever as we adjust to hybrid working

When I joined Auto Trader in 2016, I was unaware of how to articulate my own wellbeing let alone finding ways to support others.

Then again, Auto Trader aren't like most employers.

When you're on the lookout for a new career or are considering a new challenge, most people find themselves 'blinkered' by focussing on primary drivers of working life such as the salary. I have been guilty of this in the past. I'm not saying that isn't important, of course it is. But there are so many other dynamics at play which should be considered.

I was lucky, I knew of Auto Trader, their culture and their 'people-centric' strategy.

What I didn't know about was their commitment to empower people to be the happiest and healthiest version of themselves, and how the Wellbeing Guild plays a pivotal part in that support.

I am now five years into my career at Auto Trader and have never felt more confident in my own skin nor have I ever felt so accepted for who I am.

I, like many others live with forms of mental ill health. For me, its depression but it's also what makes me the person I am.

When I spoke to my manager about my depression, I was only met with compassion, love and a general interest in my overall wellbeing and what Auto Trader could do to make my life easier.

It was then that my manager introduced me to the Wellbeing Guild, in the belief that not only could the Guild help me, but I could contribute too.

I am as proud of the part I play in the Guild today as I was nearly five year's ago.

The Guild are a dedicated group of champions from across the business, who actively shape the wellbeing strategy, raise awareness of mental, physical & financial wellness, and inspire & motivate our colleagues to make informed choices to lead healthier, happier lives. We have four main commitments which are aimed at:

'Empowering our people to look after their wellbeing and for them to have more good days at work'

  1. To promote our existing tools and benefits to raise awareness, encourage colleagues to take ownership of their own wellbeing and positively engage with our supportive pathways

  2. To identify and confidently articulate the evolving wellbeing needs of our people and introduce new tools and support networks to address these

  3. To improving collaboration within the guild, across the business and within our community, to build a diverse Wellbeing Guild which supports our diverse workforce

  4. To support our people in returning to life after the pandemic and embedding our approach to hybrid working

The COVID-19 pandemic has given everyone the opportunity to rethink our approach. We in the Wellbeing Guild are no different which is why our fourth commitment was born from the Coronavirus pandemic.

We have had to pivot our approach to supporting the wellbeing of our people in the current situation. We know each and every one of our people will be feeling very differently about returning to life after the pandemic so we have proactively gained a greater understanding of our people's concerns through surveys and discussions with our leadership teams. We have designed and ran tailored workshops to address the transitions in people's lives which are brought from returning to the office environment, so things like budgeting and saving workshops for people having to reconsider commuting costs, resilience workshops have been introduced to help our people prepare for change and supporting parents with planning wrap-around care.

I've often thought of the Wellbeing Guild as the 'Hidden friend' – Always there, by your side both professionally and personally helping me and my colleagues 'Have more good days at work'