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Our unique and inclusive culture is defined by our people. Take a look at their experiences to understand how they've helped shape the way we work and interact with each other.

Our LGBT+ Network reflect on this year's LGBT+ history Month

February 25, 2021

Our LGBT+ Network reflect on this year's LGBT+ history Month

Our LGBT+ Network have been the driving force behind the content we've shared throughout LGBT+ History Month. They openly share their thoughts on the importance of remembering our history, their hopes for change in the future and why being part of our Auto Trader LGBT+ Network is important.

Why I wanted to be part Auto Traders celebration of LGBT+ History Month?


"Well this one is an easy one for me, growing up and being Gay wasn't always easy. Mainly because I never really had anyone to look up to that was "just like me", so with that in mind since I've found the courage to show who I am authentically, I realised I could/should be that person others could look up to. Whether it's as a role model or simply just an example of someone just like them.

I think we have a come such a long way and it's always important to look back on our history and share those experiences to make sure we never let history repeat itself but rather keep on marching forward in our journey for equality."

My most significant event in LGBT+ History?


"In my lifetime the most significant LGBT+ historical event was the legalising of gay marriage in the UK and other places around the world. I remember at the time it became a hot topic of conversation in my Christian family who unfortunately felt it would ruin the sanctity of marriage. But then it happened - gay marriage was legal, and for my family, life remained the same. But for the many LGBT+ people out there in love, life changed, they were now able to get married the same way as straight people are.

At the time I felt like this law wouldn't affect me, but now I'm older, gayer and in love with someone - having gay marriage legal means that we can talk about marriage in our future and it's a real possibility. Legalising gay marriage felt like a huge step in the many already achieved and still to achieve in making the world a safer and more equal place for LGBT+ people in the world."

What change do I want for the LGBT+ community in the future?


"It's hard to pinpoint one thing I'd like to change for the future, as I'm passionate about so many areas and want to give an honest, balanced view.

From a broader perspective, there is still much to be said and done when it comes to our LGBT+ communities feeling and being visible, being treated equally, not being overlooked or erased, not being ridiculed! It just isn't the case. The one reason I hear all too often of 'it's 2021, people don't care anymore, do they?' does not and cannot be allowed to cut the mustard. There is no rightful excuse for erasing identity and inequalities, ones that allow acts of injustice to happen. All this aims to do is belittle or erase the excruciating challenges too many individuals have faced simply to have the same basic rights of others - rights they are entitled to. Visibility is key.

Visibility within media, within the workforce and across industries, within conversation, within education, within our community, with our children - without questions, without stigma and without judgment. Can we confidently say we're all at that same point yet?"

Why did I join the Network/Why is it important that AT have a network?


"The main reason was to champion Bi visibility and issues in the workplace, I felt that Bi individuals often get overlooked within the LGBT+ community so I took some positive action and joined the Network .This has allowed me to champion the issues I am passionate about.

It's important to have a voice and the LGBT+ Network allows this to happen by having positive representations in the workplace. The network allows us to help shape policies, events, educate and share with the wider community, our experiences and our history."