Dickson Abegunde - Digital Agency Group Head

Digital Agency Group Head

Quick Facts

Time with Auto Trader

15 months

Heard about Auto Trader

As a kid. Always a big fan.

Meet Dickson Abegunde

Where were you before you came to Auto Trader? I was at BBC Worldwide and then Immediate Media, looking after BBC titles like the Radio Times and Top Gear. I’m a big car fan so of course I’d been on Auto Trader, it’s the place to go if you want a car. It’s trusted by everyone. Even so, I always thought it was capable of doing so much more. It was a fantastic automotive supermarket, but I could see more they could be doing on the editorial side. When AT called me and told me about their plans, I realised that they really were ready to capture the market with some clever thinking. I thought, this brand could grow and get people really engaged. How do you see the Auto Trader site working now? It’s a good place to work in terms of understanding the whole car industry, what really drives users and consumers to buy a car, what they’re looking for, what their challenges are – after all, it’s a huge purchase and a big decision. You start to learn where the challenges are in the process, what their key focus is, what makes them buy. It’s the full spectrum of British car buying on one site. So how can we help them to find the right product? It’s about what the users want, helping them connect the dots between what they can afford and the lifestyle they want. What’s the best thing about working here? You look at the person next to you and think, ‘that person has same common goal as I do.’ We all want to create the best user experience, and get the brand to its rightful position as the ultimate car supermarket in the UK. We all have drive and passion – and mutual respect keeps us on the same journey. How are you enjoying the new King’s Cross office? It’s vibrant. The small things make a difference. Everything’s on one floor and that encourages a joined up approach. You’re always seeing things on the wall and teams having different meetings. The area is fun, young and hip – you feel inspired walking in. There’s bars and coffee shops. Plus, Havas and Google are here… so we must be in the right place!

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